A little about me. My name is Šárka Holmanová and I have been a real estate broker since 1999. I realize my orders mainly in my mother Prague, which I know and love well, but I do not oppose other realizations throughout the Czech Republic and even in neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Croatia).

I monitor the current state of the real estate market in a specific place and time and create non-traditional procedures that bring effective sales of real estate at the best possible price. I believe that this is the key to long-term cooperation, which my clients have been completely confirming for years. They are also happy to take advantage of opportunities where, after the sale of the property, the purchase of a subsequent property is ensured in time, the whole process follows and can be supplemented by other types of service, such as painting, moving or quality architect, surveyor or civil engineer. .

If you are looking for your personal broker, I may be right for you. I will be happy to send you references from my clients, for whom I have already had the opportunity to work, and they will perhaps best describe the cooperation with me. That is my philosophy.

Call me. I will be happy to take care of you, or even just give advice and find an "alternatiffe" solution!

Interview about my approach and work here



We'll meet and talk face to face with what I can do for you. I will suggest the market price of the real estate sold, which I will defend with real arguments, I will also ensure the preparation of the real estate for sale, or home staging directly, and we will choose the sales strategy.
Photo documentation of the property will be prepared by an excellent real estate photographer, whose work will surprise you very much and you will see how professional advertising can contribute to the successful sale of the property.
After I provide a quality buyer, our experienced cooperating lawyer JUDr. Ondřej Brostík www.akbrostik.cz, will go through with you all the essential information resulting from the current legal status of the sold property and will create all the necessary contracts to order. Ondřej specializes in real estate law in his practice and has many years of experience in this area. He approaches each of our clients with willingness and effort to meet his needs as much as possible. We guarantee that he will do everything to ensure that you get to own the apartment safely and without any financial losses as soon as possible. His long-term cooperation with forensic experts, translators and interpreters, but also with executors, notaries, tax advisors and auditors, allows me to provide my clients with comprehensive services at a very professional level. He treats our clients with exemplary care and quality. It will also continue to communicate with any legal representative of the buyer so that everything leads to a smooth conclusion of the deal and to your complete satisfaction.
After the completion of the entire implementation, we will also ensure proper taxation of the entire business by recommending a serious tax advisor who will be happy to help you with this step.


  • real estate search across the real estate market based on your specifics and requirements
  • negotiating special conditions in the given store (price discounts, etc.)
  • ensuring serious buyer
  • ensuring quality and effective advertising, which is creatively changing
  • communication of all fees and taxes related to the mediation and subsequent sale or purchase of real estate
  • ensuring custody of law or notaries
  • arranging a building inspector who will check your property, check and create a proposal of the estimated price for the elimination of defects
  • comprehensive provision of possible sale and lease of real estate, under the best possible conditions on the market
  • above-standard service with a personal approach, preparation of an expert estimate or real estate insurance, ensuring registration in the real estate cadastre
  • financial advice and settlement of mortgage loans for our clients, individuals and companies, the establishment of s. r. o.
  • contact with authorities and providing documents according to the client's specifications
  • translation and interpreting services, other accompanying activities
  • mediation within co-ownership relations
  • full compliance with the real estate legal ethical framework
  • maintaining confidentiality in cases that I manage, even after the end of implementation

And what will please our clients the most are the negotiated discounts when buying real estate.